40 Year Old Vegan – Cookbook / Hardcover by Sellani and Sellani

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Winner of the International Book Awards, Green Book Festival, and Readers’ Favorite Book Awards

Do you wish you could have your pasta and eat it too? So do Sandra and Susan Sellani, twin sisters who transformed the traditional Italian comfort foods of their childhood into healthier, plant-based versions. Sandra, a West Coast vegan, and Susan, an East Coast omnivore, have collaborated to create a rational approach to leaning in to vegan for those over forty.

The 40-Year-Old Vegan includes a fifty-two-week plan to easily transition to a plant-based lifestyle, with old-fashioned, recognizable vegan recipes and a realistic vision for looking and feeling good in the second half of life-without having to squeeze into a pair of size-two Spanx! Recipes include:

Lentil Shepherd’s Pie

Manicotti Florentine with Cashew Ricotta

Zucchini Noodles with Lemon Walnut Pesto

Unstuffed Poblano with Macadamia Cojita

Jackfruit Chili

Rocky Road Nice Cream

And more!

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