Small Hand Woven Bags – Wayuu Style Collection by Indi Arts


Made in Columbia – fair trade – Handwoven small bags by Indi Arts Collective. Press the option button for the various colour options.


The Wayuu (pronounced “Wah-You”) people are an indigenous group inhabiting the visually striking desert of La Guajira Peninsula which borders Colombia and Venezuela.  The Wayuu live in small settlements called “rancherias” which consist of five or six houses.  Within these rancherias, the Wayuu people are able to preserve a way of life that has been passed down through the generations and remains unscathed by modern culture.  Organized in matrilineal clans, the Wayuu children carry their mother’s last name, making the Wayuu women not only the center of the family but cultural leaders as well.  One of the most significant aspects of culture that the Wayuu women practice is the art of crocheting.

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Yellow, Brown, Blue & White, Drk & Light Brown


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